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Garry Winogrand miscellaneous acquisitions collection

Identifier: AG 188

Scope and Contents

The Garry Winogrand Miscellaneous Collection consists of thirteen subgroups. This collection consists of gifts from various sources. The collection consists of papers and ephemera circa 1947-2012. The first subgroup contains a vinyl record of “The Philadelphia Orchestra, Sibelius: Symphony No. 2” the cover of the album uses a Winogrand photograph circa 1958.

The second subgroup contains photocopies of Winogrand family photographs and original tearsheets.

The third subgroup contains photocopies of Winogrand’s Guggenheim Fellowship applications. The copies of the forms were obtained from the Guggenheim by Trudy Wilner Stack in 2002 while she was researching her book Winogrand: 1964.

The fourth subgroup contains a compact disc housing scanned files of copy negatives as contact sheets for a proposed Aperture half issue dedicated to Winogrand, and a DVD containing “The Photography of Simpson Kalisher and Remembering Winogrand.”

The fifth subgroup contains two compact discs with scanned color images made from transparencies in the Garry Winogrand Archive, CCP in the fall of 2001. Images were scanned by A and I Lab, Los Angeles, for the production of 11X4 photographs for the CCP Exhibition, The Garry Winogrand Games of Photography: The New. Richard Misrach made the selection of images and the final selection for the exhibition. Most images on the CD were not included in the exhibition.

The sixth subgroup contains a slide carousel containing duplicates of color transparencies in the Garry Winogrand Archive, CCP and CD made by Ethan Winogrand. Carousel of slides was accompanied by original music composed by Ethan Winogrand for the Garry Winogrand symposium, November 2001. Slides were chosen by the curator, Trudy Wilner Stack.

The seventh subgroup contains research files with publications and photocopies from publications that document writings by and about Garry Winogrand and Winogrand’s published photographs.

The eighth subgroup contains a CD containing two PDF files (printed and in folder): Simpson Kalisher lecture at CCP, 10 November 2001, “Winogrand on Winogrand”. Garry Winogrand symposium, “Sticks and Stones and Remembering Winogrand” essay by Simpson Kalisher. CD also contains parts of an interview with Garry Winogrand recorded by Kalisher in the 1960’s for a proposed article in Aperture. Clips from the interview were used in the symposium lecture.

The ninth subgroup contains exhibition documentation from Bonnie Benrubi Gallery, Garry Winogrand Into the Night, October 20-Novemeber 26, 1994. Includes tickets to opening reception, plastic keychain “peep shows” with Winogrand’s image Woman in Fishnet Stockings, and four pages if color slides showing individual works in the exhibition.

The tenth subgroup contains eleven, 33mm contact sheets of Lou Little, Columbia University football coach, 1930-1956. This is possible commercial work done for Look magazine for Lou Little’s last season at Columbia

The eleventh subgroup contains research materials for the Garry Winogrand retrospective and book SFMoMA, MoMA, National Gallery of Art 2013-2015. Photocopy of an interview with Garry Winogrand. Interviewer is Charles Hagen and was published as an eight page interview in Afterimage, Dec. 1977 (40pp). Given to Susan Kismaric by Nathan Lyons. Audio CD: Side #1: Car, Betty, Gary; Side #2:empty. Given to Susan Kismaric possibly by Jay Maisel [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc], DVD-Rom of MP3 audio files, interviews conducted by Leo Rubinfien and Susan Kismaric with

A.D. Coleman, 05-25-2011

Charles Traub, 03-14-2011

Peter Bunnell, 04-15-2011

Judy Teller, 03-07-2011

Paul McDonough, 03-02-2011

Stella Schub, 05-03-2011

Thomas Roma, 04-05-2011

Simpson Kalisher, Nathan Lyons with Garry Winogrand, circa 1966

AIFF Audio File on DVD-Rom: “Winogrand, Kalisher, Lyons discussion, ca 1966” possibly from Nathan Lyons or Simpson Kalisher [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc]. 2 DVDS made from videotapes: Geoff Winningham’s class, Rice University, Houston Texas, 1977. 1 Audio CD: 2A (47:01 minutes) 2B (21:29 minutes) ‘1 A-B-fight at LIGHT gallery, bashing photographers, teaching and students, color photography, academic life, “sees everything”, recorder turned off to talk about women’; possibly a conversation with Jay Maisel in Austin, TX, 1977 [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc. 2 Audio CDs: Side A (46:55 minutes);-2,000 Year Old man, Maisel and GW on wives, etc. at dinner; Side B (39:04 minutes) Continuation-discussing motor-drive, teaching, and ERA rally in Texas. From Jay Maisel [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc]. 1 Audio CD; 4A (31:30 minutes) 4B (27:07 minutes) of audio recording by Jay Maisel of GW teaching class, University of Texas, Austin, 1977 [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc]. DVD of Garry Winogrand book published by SFMoMA and Yale University Press, date unknown; relationship to publication unknown. Audio CD; 40 minutes [original destroyed by sticky note]: Winogrand lecture at Florida International University, 11-30-1981 by Hugo Fernandez, and FIU student at the time. From Hugo Fernandez, LaGuardia Community College in New York [duplicate: archival DVD-m disc]. 2 Audio CDs labeled 3A and 3B; 50 minutes; possibly audio from Tod Papageorge audiocassettes [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc]. 4 Audio CDs of recordings by Jay Maisel; labeled Maisel #6 Side A and B 1977; Maisel with GW in Texas, Side A and B [duplicate: Four archival DVD-M disc]. 2 CD-R/MP4 audio 80 minutes; (Reels 1-4, 5); Interview and out-takes from Bill Moyers Interview with Winogrand, “The Photographic Vision # 1: Image and Impact,” 1982. From Mark Johnstone [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc]. Audiocassette tape: Interview with photographer, Jay Maisel, 01-26-2011, New York City by Leo Rubinfien and Susan Kismaric. Audiocassette tape: Interview with photographer, Sheila Metzner, 06-16-2012, Brooklyn, New York by Leo Rubinfien and Susan Kismaric. 2 audiocassettes labled, “Winogrand 12/82, Daine (sic) Arbus” on one side and “Edward Weston, Arbus” on the other. Discussion between Tod Papageorge and Garry Winogrand. From Tod Papageorge [duplicate: Two archival DVD-M disc]. Audiocassette tape labeled “late Tape, Maisel recording GW, no date” Tape given to Susan Kismaric after the exhibition at SFMoMA (2013) by Jay Maisel. [duplicate: archival DVD-M disc]. VHS videotape made by the Center for Creative Photography, The Garry Winogrand Game of Photography symposium, Jeffery Fraenkel, Why I love Winogrand…” 11-10-2001. Given to Susan Kismaric.

The twelfth subgroup contains one, black-and-white photograph of Garry Winogrand, Eileen Adele Hale, and Melissa Winogrand on a ferris wheel, circa 1975, by Jon Reis. The thirteenth group includes descriptions of the initial 1983 acquisition of the Garry Winogrand Archive and a reference file of articles about Winogrand assembled by CCP staff.


  • Creation: 1947-2012


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Biographical Note

Garry Winogrand was an American photographer born January 14th, 1928 in the Bronx, New York. Winogrand was born to two emigrant parents Abraham and Bertha, with Abraham originally hailing from Budapest and Bertha from Warsaw. Winogrand grew up in a Jewish working class neighborhood. After graduating from high school in 1946 Winogrand enlisted in the United States Army. Upon completion of his military duties Winogrand was able to enroll in college taking advantage of the GI Bill. In 1947 Winogrand began his studies choosing to pursue painting at City College of New York. In 1948 Winogrand transferred his studies to Columbia University and pursued photography in addition to painting. It was at Columbia that Winogrand’s passion for photography began to take root, by 1951 Winogrand was exploring photojournalism in a class taught by Alexey Brodovitch at The New School for Social Research, also located in New York City.

Winogrand would become known as a street photographer or a candid photographer. Winogrand did not continue in the traditions of the street photographers that came before him and instead experimented with composition, frequently employing nontraditional camera angles. This innovation earned Winogrand’s style the title “the snapshot aesthetic”, a moniker Winogrand hated. Winogrand primarily photographed on the street, 5th Ave in particular, focusing on women and capturing the bustle of the New York City street. Winogrand would actively insert himself into the subject’s physical space in order to elicit strong reactions. Winogrand was not interested in glossy, polished, and posed photographs, rather, Winogrand was interested in what photography could reveal about the subject.

In the 1950s and 1960s Winogrand worked as a freelance photojournalist and advertising photographer. Winogrand had his first solo show at the Image Gallery in New York in 1959. In 1963 Winogrand was featured in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) exhibition entitled Five Unrelated Photographers along with Minor White, George Krause, Jerome Liebling, and Ken Heyman. In 1964 Winogrand was awarded his first Guggenheim Fellowship. This Guggenheim fellowship allowed Winogrand to travel and continue his exploration of human nature through photography.

Toward a Social Landscape was displayed at the George Eastman House 1966. The show was curated by Nathan Lyons. The exhibition included the work of Lee Friedlander, Duane Michaels, Bruce Davidson and Danny Lyon. The following year in 1967 Winogrand was once again featured in a show, New Documents, with Lee Friedlander, this time with the inclusion of Diane Arbus, photographers widely considered to be Winogrand’s contemporaries. The show was held at MOMA in New York City and was curated by John Szarkowski. In 1969 Winorand released a book entitled The Animals which collected the photographs that Winogrand had shot at the Bronx Zoo and the Coney Island Aquarium. Winogrand was awarded his second Guggenheim Fellowship in 1969 capping off the decade.

Being the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship Winogrand was able spend seven years (1969-1976) photographing public events, these years yielded 6,500 prints that were used for his first MOMA solo exhibition and the book Public Relations. In the 1970’s Winogrand began teaching, he taught in New York before moving to Chicago in 1971 where he was a photography instructor at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology. Winogrand taught at the Institute from 1971-1972. In 1973 Winogrand moved to Texas where he would teach at the University of Texas at Austin. Winogrand taught at the University from 1973-1978. In 1978 Winogrand moved to Los Angeles.

In 1979 Winogrand received his third Guggenheim fellowship, with this fellowship Winogrand was able to travel and photograph within the Southwest. In 1980 Winogrand published his book Stock Photos, a book consisting of photographs that Winogrand had shot at the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. Around this time John Szarkowski continued his working relationship with Winogrand and became the editor of Winogrand’s work. At the time Szarkowksi was the Director of Photography at MoMA.

In February of 1984 Winogrand was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. Winogrand traveled to Tijuana to seek alternative treatments and cures. Winogrand succumbed to his illness and died on March 19th 1984. Winogrand was fifty six years old.

At the time of his death Winogrand left most of his work undeveloped and unprocessed. Winogrand left 300, 000 unedited images.


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Collection contains miscellaneous materials documenting the life of Garry Winogrand, 1947-1984. Each set of materials was collected from a different sources and is divided in subgroups based on the source the materials were acquired from. The materials in the collection include MoMA press releases, Guggenheim Fellowship materials, discs including scanned photographs, music, lectures and PDFs, photographic slides, photographs, correspondence, interviews, contact sheets, exhibition ephemera, magazines, video tapes, DVDs and cassettes.


The Collection is arranged into the following series:

  1. Subgroup 1, gift of Trudy Wilner Stack, 2011
  2. Subgroup 2, gift of Adrienne Lubow, 2001
  3. Subgroup 3, gift of Trudy Wilner Stack, Curator, Center for Creative Photography, 2002
  4. Subgroup 4, gift of Simpson Kalisher, 2002
  5. Subgroup 5, purchased by CCP, 2001
  6. Subgroup 6, slides and CD originally in curator files, moved in 2003. CD is gift of Ethan Winogrand, 2001.
  7. Subgroup 7, files were assembled from various sources and are ongoing
  8. Subgroup 8, gift of Simpson Kalisher, 2004
  9. Subgroup 9, gift of Bonnie Benrubi, 1994
  10. Subgroup 10, gift of Robert Hopper, 2008
  11. Subgroup 11, gift of Susan Kismaric, 2015
  12. Subgroup 12, gift of Jon Reis, 2017
  13. Subgroup 13, files assembled by CCP staff

Custodial History

Subgroup 1, gift of Trudy Wilner Stack, 2011

Subgroup 2, gift of Adrienne Lubow, 2001

Subgroup 3, gift of Trudy Wilner Stack, Curator, Center for Creative Photography, 2002

Subgroup 4, gift of Simpson Kalisher, 2002

Subgroup 5, purchased by CCP, 2001

Subgroup 6, slides and CD originally in curator files, moved in 2003. CD is gift of Ethan Winogrand, 2001.

Subgroup 7, files were assembled from various sources and are ongoing

Subgroup 8, gift of Simpson Kalisher, 2004

Subgroup 9, gift of Bonnie Benrubi, 1994

Subgroup 10, gift of Robert Hopper, 2008

Subgroup 11, gift of Susan Kismaric, 2015

Subgroup 12, gift of Jon Reis, 2017 Subgroup 13, files assembled by CCP staff, 1983-1984

Immediate Source of Acquisition

This collection was a series of gifts and purchases from various sources.

Related Materials

AG 72, Garry Winogrand archive at The Center for Creative Photography.

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The collection was initially processed by the Center’s archivists in 1994. The collection was processed again by Phoenix Smithey in 2017. Finding aid updated by Phoenix Smithey in 2017.

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