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Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). Department of Film


Found in 67 Collections and/or Records:

Ansel Adams archive

Identifier: AG 31
Description Papers, photographic materials, and memorabilia, 1920s -1984, of Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984), photographer, author, teacher and conservationist. Includes correspondence (1906 - 1984) between Adams and his family, friends, business associates, and other artists; activity files documenting his commercial projects (1930s - 1977); exhibitions (1936 - 1983); his associations with the Sierra Club (1937 - 1984), Friends of Photography (1967 - 1984), and Images and Words Workshop (1967 - 1972);...
Dates: 1906 - 1984

Ansel Adams miscellaneous acquisitions collection

Identifier: AG 66
Abstract Memorabilia, papers, audio tapes, compact disks, and photographic materials, 1947 to the present, relating to the career of Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984), photographer. The collection includes correspondence between Adams and the Polaroid Corporation regarding his books on Polaroid processes; a bound compilation of notices, tributes, and editorials relating to his death; a promotional package by Standard Oil Company entitled Scenic Views containing photographs by...
Dates: 1926-1941, 1940s-1960s, 1962-1998, 2000-2004, 2006-2012, 2018

Richard Avedon collection

Identifier: AG 89

Papers, photographic materials, publications, and memorabilia, 1947-1989, of Richard Avedon (1923-2004), photographer. Includes correspondence, clippings, contact sheets, engraver's prints, books, and other materials documenting his career. The collection is active.

Dates: 1947-2004

Kurt Baasch collection

Identifier: AG 137

Personal papers and photographic materials, 1916-1994, of Kurt Waldemar Baasch (1891-1964), photographer, ceramicist, and horticulturalist. Includes letters from Baasch’s friends and associates — Paul and Rebecca Strand, Hazel Strand, Alfred Stieglitz, Julien Levy, and Elizabeth McCausland — as well as clippings related to the films and photography of Paul Strand.

Dates: 1916-1994

Thomas Barrow archive

Identifier: AG 202

Collection contains papers, photographic materials, audiovisual materials, ephemera and miscellaneous materials documenting the life and career of American photographer and educator, Thomas F. Barrow (1938- ). Included are correspondence, biographical materials, exhibition announcements, clippings, publications, appointment calendars, memorabilia, teaching materials, writings, fine art, photographic prints, negatives, transparencies, and photographic equipment.

Dates: 1893-2015

Herbert Bayer collection

Identifier: AG 25
Scope and Contents Papers, photographic materials and memorabilia of Herbert Bayer (1900 - 1985), photographer and designer. Includes correspondence with Tim Gidal and the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie, glass and film negatives and contact sheets (1926 - 1977), as well as awards and medals. The collection is inactive. Series one contains one folder of correspondence, series two contains miscellaneous papers and writings (five folders), series three contains two boxes of memorabilia. The...
Dates: 1935-1985

Arthur J. Bell papers

Identifier: AG 234
Abstract Papers, 1850s-2010 (bulk 1960s-2000s), collected and created by Chicago photographer Arthur J. Bell (1942-2010) consisting of correspondence, biographical materials, and materials from Bell’s photographic career. The bulk of the collection consists of Bell’s negatives but additional materials include exhibition announcements, clippings, travel documents, appointment calendars, memorabilia, and photographic prints. There is a small amount of information on Janice Bell, Arthur Bell’s wife, and...
Dates: 1850s-2010, bulk 1960s-2000s

Gordon L. Bennett papers

Identifier: AG 253
Abstract Collection contains papers, photographic materials, artwork and ephemera circa 1951-2012 of Gordon Bennett (1933-2012) collector, dealer, photographer and publisher. A pioneer collector of 19th and 20th century photography and advocate for vernacular photography, he discovered a complete set of Carleton E. Watkins’ New Series mammoth prints, the only known set to survive the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Bulk of collection records his collecting activities: purchases, donations, sales and...
Dates: circa 1951-2012

Ruth Bernhard collection

Identifier: AG 152

Publications, including newspapers, magazines, exhibition catalogs, workshop and class catalogs, and auction advertisements, published between 1959 and 1996. The materials feature articles written about or including Ruth Bernhard and her photography, descriptions of workshops and classes taught by Bernhard, and exhibitions and auctions featuring her work. There are 24 total publications.

Dates: 1959-1996

Ilse Bing collection

Identifier: AG 189

This collection consists of photo albums, vintage prints, commercial prints, contact sheets, collages, family photographs and holiday cards.

Dates: undated, bulk 1940-1955

Michael Bishop collection

Identifier: AG 265

Materials in this collection include three photographs, a catalogue, and a postcard book created by Bishop. Additional photographs reside in the Fine Print collection.

Dates: 1975-1980

Ernest Bloch archive

Identifier: AG 11

Biographical information, correspondence, memorabilia, audio-visual materials, equipment, and photographic materials, 1897 - circa 1980, of Ernest Bloch (1880 - 1959), composer, teacher, and photographer. The bulk of the collection consists of more than 6,000 negatives and transparencies documenting Bloch's landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits from 1897 until 1951 as well as 2,000 prints.

Dates: 1897 - circa 1980s

Josef Breitenbach archive

Identifier: AG 90

Papers and photographic materials, 1873-1990, of Josef Breitenbach (1896-1984), photographer. Includes correspondence, writings, appointment calendars, exhibition announcements, tearsheets, clippings, publications, photographic materials, audiovisual materials, and memorabilia.

Dates: 1873-1990

Josef Breitenbach miscellaneous acquisitions collection

Identifier: AG 167

Miscellaneous papers and photographic materials, 1942-2008, relating to the career of Josef Breitenbach (1896-1984), photographer. Includes correspondence, research materials, exhibition announcements, clippings, publications, and photographic materials.

Dates: 1942-2008

Wynn Bullock archive

Identifier: AG 10
Abstract Personal papers, correspondence, activity files, audio visual materials, and photographic materials, 1920 1980, relating to the career of Wynn Bullock (1902 1975), photographer, teacher, and inventor. The papers offer significant information on the exhibition, publication, and sale of Bullock's photographs; his experiments with solarization; his involvement with the Friends of Photography; and his teaching activities. Less well documented are his tenure as a commercial photographer, his...
Dates: 1921-1980

Wynn Bullock miscellaneous acquisitions collection

Identifier: AG 80

Miscellaneous materials documenting the life and career of Wynn Bullock (1902-1975), photographer, teacher, and inventor. Includes writings, photographic and audiovisual materials, and publications. Note that other materials related to Wynn Bullock may be organized in other archive groups under the name of the donor; for example, see the Bender/Nordby Collection for a film interview with Bullock.

Dates: 1943 - 2010

Carolyn Caddes collection

Identifier: AG 171

Research files and interviews by Carolyn Caddes, 1981-1982. Includes research notes, correspondence, photographic materials, and biographical materials about the Weston family. Also included are a script of lecture and a draft of an essay on Flora Chandler Weston.

Dates: 1980-1989

Carl Chiarenza collection

Identifier: AG 87
Abstract Papers, 1957-1982, of Carl Chiarenza (1935- ), photographer, writer, editor and educator. Includes published and unpublished manuscripts, correspondence between Chiarenza and Aaron Siskind, taped interviews with Siskind, his friends, colleagues, students and other photographers and artists who knew him, background materials, a bibliography and exhibition list (compiled in conjunction with Stuart Alexander), and Chiarenza`s copy negatives of Siskind photographs -- materials generated by...
Dates: 1957-1982

Van Deren Coke collection

Identifier: AG 140

Publications and ephemera, 1966-1999, related to the career of Van Deren Coke (1921- 2004), photographer, curator, and educator. This collection is active.

Dates: 1966-1999

Faurest Davis collection

Identifier: AG 111

This collection contains miscellaneous materials documenting the life and career of Faurest Davis (1906-1991), photographer. Each group of materials will be described separately. The collection is active.

Dates: 1937-1987

Lee Friedlander collection

Identifier: AG 117

This collection contains miscellaneous materials pertaining to the life and career of Lee Friedlander (1934- ), photographer. Each group of materials will be described separately. The collection is active.

Dates: 1948

Friends of Photography collection

Identifier: AG 186
Scope and Contents The Friends of Photography records measure approximately 125 linear feet and date from 1964 to 2005, although the bulk of the material falls between 1985 and 2001 when the organization was based in San Francisco, California. Files from earlier years when the organization was located in Carmel, California were most likely lost during the group’s gradual move to San Francisco in the years following Ansel Adams death in 1984. Received in 2002 as a gift collection, records document the founding...
Dates: 1964-2005

Christel Gang collection

Identifier: AG 47

Correspondence, 1932-1956, primarily to Christel Gang from Edward Weston (1886-1958), photographer. Also includes correspondence from Edward Weston to Seymour Stern; four letters from Brett Weston to Gang; and clippings and brochures relating to Edward, Brett, and Cole Weston, ca. 1950-1967. Gang was a friend of Edward Weston and briefly provided secretarial services to him.

Dates: 1932-1967

Arnold Gassan archive

Identifier: AG 58
Abstract Papers, 1945 - 1989, of Arnold Gassan (1930 - 2001), photographer. Correspondents include Minor White, Walter Chappell, Syl Labrot, Ansel Adams, and Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Of interest are a transcription of a journal kept by Gassan during his participation in Adams’ Yosemite workshop in June 1959, a mimeographed review of notes from lectures given by Adams at the Museum of Modern Art (New York), in 1945, an author’s manuscript for a revised edition of A Chronology of Photography, and the...
Dates: 1945-1989

Judith Golden archive

Identifier: AG 158

Papers and publications, 1975-1996, of the photographer and teacher Judith Golden (1934- ). Includes correspondence, exhibition materials, teaching materials, writings, biographical information, clippings, publications, financial records, and memorabilia. The collection is active.

Dates: 1975-1996

John Gutmann archive

Identifier: AG 173

Papers, audiovisual materials, memorabilia, artifacts, and photographic materials, 1930s-1990s, of the photographer, teacher, and artist, John Gutmann, (1905-1998). Includes correspondence, lecture notes, biographical information, clippings, publications, photographs, films, videos, proof prints, negatives, transparencies, painting materials, and camera and movie equipment.

Dates: 1930 - 1990

John Gutmann miscellaneous acquisitions collection

Identifier: AG 242

Materials related to the photographer and teacher, John Gutmann (1905-1998).

Dates: undated

Charles Harbutt collection

Identifier: AG 144

Personal papers, ephemera, publications, audiovisual, and photographic materials related to the career of Charles Harbutt (1935-2015), photographer, teacher, and writer. Includes Magnum story logs, project files, negatives, information on the Salford 80 exhibition, diaries and other material related to Harbutt's book Progreso, Travelog, Departures and Arrivals and eight bound volumes of the magazine Jubilee (1953-1961).

Dates: 1949-2018

William Holgers archive

Identifier: AG 69

Printed materials and photographic materials, circa 1930-1980, of William Holgers (1904-1981), California photographer. Most of the clippings, negatives, and photographs relate to Edward and Charis Weston. Of special note are photographs documenting the 1940 U.S. Camera Photographic Forum in Yosemite, a workshop taught by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. Holgers' short memoir describing the workshop is also included.

Dates: 1930-1980

Images and Words collection

Identifier: AG 121

Correspondence, photocopies of photographs with text, and photocopies of contact sheets documenting the 1967 workshop “Images and Words” taught by Ansel Adams, and Beaumont and Nancy Newhall at the University of California, Santa Cruz. These materials were assembled in 1990 by Elizabeth Wilcox, a participant in the workshop.

Dates: 1990-1991